Historical Museum of Montana

Historical Museum of Montana was established in 1953. For nearly five decades, considerable in volume collective, research and promotion work was carried out. From 1968 to 1994 systematic archeological excavations were conducted. Studies not only provide with new information for the development of the settlement during the Roman era, but serve as evidence for the settlement life of the today town from the stone-copper age to the end of the Second Bulgarian kingdom in the14th c. Today the museum possesses a rich collection of movable monuments of culture. The following departments had been separated: “Archeology”, “Ethnography”, “History of Bulgaria 15-19 c.”, “New History”, “The modern history”, “Funds”, “PR and advertising”, “Monuments of culture”. In the exhibition room of the museum is presented the cultural-historical development of Montana and the region during 5-4th c. BC – 20th c. AC – tangible evidence for the living of the first human communities, the Thracian culture during the Bronze and Iron eras; collections of pottery and metal, small bronze plastic and marble sculpture from ancient Montana; a creation from the medieval Bulgarian jewellery art is the silver treasure from 13-14th c.



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