“Dragomir Asenov” Drama theatre, Montana

Montana Drama Theatre е was established in 1962. The first preserved data for performing of the theatric spectacles in the village of Golyama Kutlovitsa date back from the end of 19th c. and beginning of 20th c. In these first nonprofessional attempts on stage as actors had manifested teachers and ordinary clerks. For the first time for organized professional theatre in Mihaylovgrad was mentioned during the summer of 1962. By the decision of the Regional Committee of the Communist party in the town was invited Ivan Atanasov with the assignment to organize creative and technical staff for establishment of Drama theater and thus actually was launched the beginning of Mihalylovgrad people’s theatre. First play presented in the newly established theatre is “Every autumn evening” by Ivan Peychev, staging Vasil Lukanov, screenplay by Mihail Mihaylov. Consecutively the status of the theatre changed from municipality into state and again municipal up to 1969. Mihaylovgrad Drama theatre together with other provincial theatres became a state theatre. Since 1982 the theatre bears the name of the dramatist born in Montana Dragomir Asenov (Jaque Nissim Melamed ). Over the years in the theater had been working a number of high-profile names that contributed to its development. Among the most remarkable titles in the history of theatre are: “When thunder strikes” by P.K. Yavorov (1974 and 2001), “Vrazhalets” by St. L. Kostov (1972 and 1994), “January” (1982) and “Turmoil” (1996) by Yordan Radichkov, “Father” by August Strindberg (1995), “Iron candlestick” by Dimitar Talev (1971 and 1996), “Daughter-in-law” by Georgi Karaslavov (1987), “Ivan Shishman” by Kamen Zidarov (1980) and many other contemporary and classical titles from Bulgarian and foreign authors. The theater has toured in almost all settlements in the region and in many Bulgarian towns. It cooperates with theaters in the western suburbs - Republic of Serbia (Pirot, Nis) Music and Drama Theater in the city of Zhitomir - Ukraine, theater in the city of Banska Bystrica - Slovak Republic.

Currently the theater performed at least four premiere titles per season and presents annually 40-50 performances of own production, co-productions with other theaters, performances of companies from other cities, concerts, etc.



Address: Monata, 1 „Zheravitsa” Sq.

Теl: +359 (0) 96 300 918

E-mail: montana@mail.bg

Web site: www.dtmontana.hit.bg