Community centre Postoyanstvo, Lom

Community centre Postoyanstvo, Lom

Established in 1848 during the Renaissance, it has undisputable contribution in the formation of the Bulgarian spirit, culture and education. In 1856, the first Bulgarian theatre plays was played on the scene of Lom. In its history, the drama theatre of the community centre, which is named after its creator Krustio Pishurka has above 480 performed plays. The operetta theatre of Lom is one of the first in the country, established in 1923. During its 80-years history, 73 productions from the world's and Bulgarian classics, many concerts and other were played. Children music academy is working in the community centre.

The library of the community centre is established in 1848 in the newly-opened reciprocal school; today it owns above 107 000 library units.



Lom 3600, 1 Slavianska Str.

Tel: +359 (0) 6 971 6471, +359 (0) 878 354 173, +359878354177