Episcopal Cathedral Madona Dudu, Craiova, Dolj district

Religion: orthodox

Address: "Madonna Dudu" Str.

Madonna Dudu Church is known as the Cathedral of the Virgin Mary, and is the largest Orthodox Church in Craiova. It was built between 1750-1756 on the initiative of George Ion and Konstantin Fotesku, iconographied by George Tataresku. The church is named after the icon of the Holy Virgin Mary - known for its miraculous power, which according to a legend - was discovered on a mulberry, today on this place stands the altar of the cathedral. The church was built in the Brankovyanu style with three towers. Since the elevation of the building in 1756, and until now, the temple has undergone several major renovations and has been restored several times in 1842, 1913 and 1942.