The monastery of Bukovac – Koshuna, Craiova, Dolj district

Religion: Christian Orthodox

Location: from the center of Craiova towards Bukovac, Mofleni

The monastery Bukovac - Koshuna dates back to 1483, according to Bogdan Hashdeu and Nicolae Iorga. The first abbot of the monastery was Eftim (1571- 1575). In the construction of the monastery were used stones and bricks from the old Roman camp Pelendava - Mofleni. The church is the only remaining building of the old monastery complex built only for 75 days (July 20 to October 3, 1572) by Bana Shtefan and his son Pirvu and painted two years later, in 1574. The monastery church dedicated to "St. Nicholas" was abandoned in 1781, and in 1834, when came the flood waters of the river Jiu they destroyed the tower. The monastery part was built of bricks and due to a powerful earthquake was destroyed, it has been rebuilt later. As a monastery it functions after the First World War. The icons in the monastery dates back from 1574. In 2002 in the courtyard of the monastery was built chapel dedicated to "St. Gregory the Theologian."