Geographical features

Vidin is located in the northwestern part of Bulgaria and covers an area of 3022 sq. km, representing 2.7% of the country’s total. To the North regegion borders with Romania, to the west - with Republic of Serbia, to the south - with the Stara Planina Mountains and to the east – with Montana region. Timok and Danube rivers are a natural border with Serbia and Romania. In the area there are several checkpoints : Border checkpoint "Vrashka chuka"; Border checkpoint "Bregovo" – with Serbia, border checkpoints " Ferries passengers", Border checkpoint "Ferries catamaran", Danube Bridge Vidin - Calafat and Vidin port - with Romania and countries of the Danube basin.

The relief of the area is varied, as from the northeast to the southwest are the Danube Valley, Fore-Balkan and Stara Planina Mountain.